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Embark on the journey of gastronomy with Awan Caters, where we bring out the best must-try dishes of the town. Our signature dish, the "Awan Delight," is a marvel—its culinary work entices the taste, balances textures and flavors, and creates a lasting impression on every palate. Indulge in the exquisite 'Saffron Infused Seafood Paella,' a mark of great quality in combination with an expert blend of the finest ingredients and magic of spices. The 'Grandma's Secret Recipe Chicken Curry,' brings back an essence of tradition with each spoonful. Elevate your dessert with our 'Decadent Chocolate Symphony,' a harmonious medley of rich chocolate layers, velvety mousse, and crunchy indulgence. For Awan Caters, special dishes are an adventure—a call to savor the essence of dining fine and making it a glorious celebration.

Chicken Jelfareazi

Mutton Korma

Beef Nihari

Chicken Biryani

Awan Delight

Unveiling the Culinary Marvel

With Awan Caters' crown jewel, "Awan Delight," dining is elevated to masterpiece creation. The signature creation, expertly crafted by our chefs, is a fusion where flavors twirl across your taste buds. Premium ingredients, innovative techniques, and a dash of our culinary magic come together to delight and tantalize like none other. Lose yourself in the voluptuousness of Awan Delight, where every ingredient is a tale, and every bite is an invitation to enjoy the spectacular.

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+92 301 513 97 17

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Capturing Culinary Elegance

Awan Caters through the Lens

Take a look through our gallery capturing Culinary Elegance with Awan Caters. Each image is a brushstroke of culinary mastery, showcasing the vibrant colors, textures, and details that support our commitment to offering more than a meal but an edible masterpiece. A virtual stroll through our gallery awaits you, where passion and precision shine in every dish.

Crispy Chicken

Savor the crunch, embrace the flavor

Fried Rice

Where simplicity meets savory perfection in every grain.

Chicken Karahi

Savor the rich symphony of spices in every bite

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A virtual stroll through our gallery awaits you, where passion and precision shine in every dish. integer! Nobis.


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Our expectations have truly been exceeded by Awan Caters. The diverse menu, top-notch service, and exquisite presentation of food were truly special for our celebration. Highly recommended!


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Awan Caters personalized its services for our event. Their professional team had all the details covered, making it a very low-stress experience.


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